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Gold Rally is a Playtech backed online slot game consisting of nine reels and eight pay-lines. This slot game is a bit deceiving though. It’s because it appears to be a three-reel slot, however, the reels spin separately, so it’s known as a 9-reel slot game. Three sinister, albeit frightened and goofy looking characters are sitting inside a mine cart, while the symbols on the reels include sticks of dynamite, a gun, and the mining cart. The colors are deep and colorful with well designed graphics.

The slot coin minimum is set at [$2.00] per pay-line, which is a bit steep. However, Gold Rally is for high-rollers who love to play not only to win, but for the love of the game as well. In fact, the majority of progressive slots have set coin quantities, so that the game is balanced between all players participating. In order to win the progressive jackpot, all pay-lines must be functioning. Each spin will cost a player [$16.00]. In turn, the progressive payout makes the wager well worth the dough, only if the player happens to win, of course.

The scatter symbol is the mining cart which activates the progressive jackpot win. The scatter payment is paid depending on the number of scales on a certain row, then it’s increased by the sum of that bet in relation to the pay table. If the screen is complete with cart symbols, the progressive jackpot is won if the maximum bet is wagered. The Dynamite symbol is the bonus feature. When a player receives four dynamite symbols in every corner of the game reels, they initiate the bonus feature. Gold Rally slots is a wonderful progressive game for slot enthusiasts. It’s a game geared towards big spenders, however, if a player has that type of money to burn, sticks of dynamite won’t be enough to keep them away.