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The rules of Roulette Royal are identical to European Roulette, which is the better roulette game since the edge leans more in the player‘s favor. The numbers are the usual 0 to 36, and the outcome of the game is decided on the tiny ball that spins around the roulette wheel. There is a side bet that is required for every spin, the bet is set at one credit per spin and wagered by default when the player begins the game. The mandatory side bet is beneficial as it instantly makes the player qualified for extra payouts including the well-known progressive jackpot.

The Roulette Royal Progressive Bonus system hands out a couple of advantages during the game. First of all, each time a number repeats the player is given an additional win. This win is given even if the player didn’t wager on the winning number. If a number comes out five consecutive times, the progressive jackpot is won. Microgaming has an expansive progressive jackpot network where player’s deposits all across cyberspace is added to the pool. This means huge winnings.

Roulette Royal is a fun, petite progressive game that has been known to amass a jackpot of [$1 million]. If some lucky player hit’s the jackpot for such a humungous amount, news would travel lightening speed throughout the online gaming industry. Of course, this would also draw more players to the game as well. Bets start at [$1.00] with the highest bet ending at [$5.00]. This is a standard for Microgaming system’s progressive games, to offer beautiful games to play, with all of the correct bells and whistles to make them interesting and exciting. The graphics and audio on Roulette Royal run smoothly plus it’s an easy game to play. If a player knows how to play roulette, they can play Roulette Royal.