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Mega Moolah has earned a reputation as a slot legend and rightly so. A gambler from Finland hit the jackpot for [$5.5 million] in 2008. What’s so catching about this story is that the player only played [.50 cents]. This type of win is so phenomenal that it goes beyond the realm of “good luck.” It’s as if the heavens had plans for this gambler, and the plan worked out just fine. This is a progressive slot, which means that the jackpot continuously grows until someone hits it. Each spin adds to the kitty, and eventually someone has to win. What’s so special about Mega Moolah is that the jackpot starts at [$1 million]. That’s right, a player doesn’t have to work very hard, they just have to be “very lucky.” This game is generous if anything else, that’s for sure.

This slot is a five reel game that pays out up to 25 lines. What’s strange is that it’s a penny slot. Coins played can be from [$0.01 to $0.05]. The maximum allowed for any spin is 125 coins, so it’s possible to get the game moving, regardless of the “penny-pinching” involved. The theme of Mega Moolah is an African Safari. Before the game begins, players are swept into a jungle scene initiated by a colorful intro. There are various jungle animals that includes the usual elephants, giraffes, lions and the every so mischievous monkey. To make this slot game more intriguing, a choice of high cards is thrown in for good measure. The wild symbol is the lion, and can replace anything except the scatter symbol. Monkeys serve as the scatter symbol, and two monkeys results in a win. Three monkeys gets a player 15 free spins, and everything won during this period is tripled while the bonus game is activated at random. The best way to play this game is to bet high because the bonus game could take a player directly to the jackpot.