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Major Millions Slot game is a Micrograming classic with three reels and three pay lines. There’s also a multiplier, wild symbol and progressive jackpot. The slot game has striking graphics, with the main player, the Major, being quite a munificent character. Either way, a player is sure to win something with this easy slot. Symbols include a red and blue seven, the Major Millions and a lot of other fancy stuff. However, the goal is to get the right symbols on the pay line. Winning the Major jackpot will certainly give a player something to smile about. Actually, Major Millions is on the “cheaper” end of slot machine games. The maximum coins allowed per spin is three, so chances are a player will walk away from this game with a few coins still left in their pocket.

The Major Millions symbol can replace any symbol on the reels to create a winning arrangement. If the Major Millions symbol shows up one time in the winning combination, the payout is twice the winnings. If the wild symbol appears twice, the payout is four times the winnings. As with all progressive jackpots, the amount of money to be won is constantly mounting. The jackpot total is always displayed in real time. The sum will definitely keep a player glued to the screen, with high hopes, and possibly a bit of good luck too. In order for a player to qualify for the progressive jackpot though, the maximum amount allowed must be bet on that particular spin. In addition, the jackpot can only be won on the third pay line. Whenever someone hit’s the jackpot, all players participating in the progressive jackpot game will be alerted, the jackpot reset, and the game commences. Major Millions is an authentic classic slot game that’s simple and worth playing, in order to win the jackpot.