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Cyber Stud is similar to the online casino game Progressive Cyberstud Poker. The huge distinctions are in the jackpot. To join in, players must wager an obligatory bet, which is determined by a fixed amount. These obligatory bets are part of an increasing jackpot. After the initial ante bet, the player and dealer both receive five cards. Subsequent to the dealer revealing one card, the player can fold, which then finishes the game. The other possibility is for the player to double their ante bet by calling the dealer’s hand. If the player wins the game they receive a payout, if they win with a royal flush they may possibly be the winner of an enormous progressive jackpot. The longer the jackpot sits unclaimed, the larger it becomes.

The table for Cyber Stud is similar to a blackjack game table in terms of its layout. However, that’s about where it ends. For example, the dealer draws their own hand, and must produce at least an Ace-King combination, or the player wins. The game is set-up where even a novice player would feel comfortable. The payout table is easily available, along with help-files which include graphic descriptions of every kind of hand that can result in a payoff. The Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Full House, Flush, Straight, Four of a Kind, One Pair, Two Pairs and Ace-King are the winning hands if a player hopes to receive a payout.

The player has various options that are not difficult to access, and the game itself is great for gamblers who are familiar with poker and blackjack. This makes Cyber Stud appealing to a broader scope of participants. Cyber Stud is actually a poker game, that is played not between players, but it’s a battle between the player and the house. Micrograming is the software giant behind Cyber Stud and they don’t fail to deliver.